Girl, but not so girlish. Diva, but not diva-ish. Devilish? Ah yes, sometimes. But not close to Devil. Orange fetish. Collector of books, notebooks, cardboard boxes and colours.

In the world of high-tides (read sentiments) and low-tides (read theories), I’m an under-trained mermaid trying to stay afloat (well, I have a boat, but D knows to row. And we are never together when we are supposed to be the most). So, it’s a perpetual circle.. no, a spiral of seeking D, or anybody in the same ocean, failing to which has almost taught me to perform synchronised swimming.

With movies, physics & mathematics to intrigue me to the nerves, i find literature as my den for solace and club for mental exercise. Lying down on the grass, and reading a book is the most blissful thing under the Sun for me. I need to run my eyes over printed alphabet, however tired they be.

I was, am, and will remain a learner, who only needs a dash of happy moments to cling onto its memories for the rest of the life. Sitting under the orange tree, I jot down these moments in my notebook. D and books are my constant companions, apart from my friends. You might find a glimpse of all of them in the following pages.

I’m fond of my doves and squirrels because they like me to watch their playfulness for hours. This is my little space, and welcome to my Garden by the Ocean. Just mind the bougainvillea, please. 🙂

P.S:Illustrations, if any, are mine. 🙂