term paper

Eat, Write & Sleep

What do you do after you submit your paper??

Think no?

Fistbumps, high-fives, ice-creams, group merriment, beamy eyes, balloons, pamper food…? yes. no, but more.

The semester-long episode of TP and endless saga over how wretched the topic was gets over as you sign on that dotted lines that politely wrings out from you the Holy Confession- that you have indeed legally picked stuffs from the mentioned sources. ‘Alright, I did!’. Your sipicjumbo.com_P1000571gnature vouches that for you. You take a deep breath, and watch colours fly across the rooms. You have never felt this free before! Even guiltily for a day, because exam comes knocking any minute now.


You walk down the passage, your tired arms hung around the shoulder of your friend, chuckling, and giggling over the hard-harder-hardest times you have with your TP. You retrospect about the nights you have spent wrestling with your computer, how you have marred the entire document with editing and re-editing that was impeding your train of thoughts and what probably had blocked the sole track leading to your argument. You borrowed eight books from the library that you remember to return immediately, got some five essays printed out, and have let twenty more rest on your desktop. You have never bunked the classes this decisively to study for this paper, because you know that you’ll sleep the rest of the day at home, because you’d think life is trouble-packed. You re-modify your clock now, since the TP season is over. The noon probably ends with a pamper lunch and mouthful of laughter with friends. And the day ends approximately at 6 evening, because you’re as dead as a laughing zombie and want to hit the bed ASAP.

ASAP appears a greyish chimera in your dreams. That’s probably the Bard in his new attire with a new MS held in his hand. You see your exam schedule for the first time, on your own risk. Your best friend doesn’t forget to send it on your phone.

You uwillingly step out, because the new day calls you to work on what you love. ❤

‘Submission Date’


Be that school homework, project works, class assignment, maths problems, presentation on your favourite topic, research work on the writers you swoon over, or anything else, the excitement has to be washed down by the ‘Official Date of Submission’. Every. Single. Time.

I know people who get boosted up by the single thought of ‘submission date’. Worse, when they find it the best to mull over their assignments until the first warning bell goes.

“Adventure, A! you won’t get it”.

Hazard. Like, reckless driving with  an elephant as the pillion, considering both wearing helmets with cockroaches hanging over the visors , I guess?

Since I’ve started marking my calendar the various important days (archaic, but it fills the creative space on the wall) using neon markers, my huge wall calendar looks like a set of polka dotted gift wrappers. Days are not just cleanly encircled first, but somehow sometimes also filled with colours. Pink, Blue, Orange, Purple, Green, from phone numbers, mail IDs’, event details etc. in black ink runs the trail of almost everything could be found on my calendar.

Date of submitting your presentation, term paper, home works, yourself to your stigmatic pile of pending tasks, to all the unread books; the date for submission of yourself to your OWN SELF, and yet more- perhaps the calendars, besides reminding us of just dates, also tend to record our own chronology: “We had SRK in our college on so and so..”, “I made undoubtedly the best pasta in my life today!”, “have you ever lied before?”, “Finally! I finished reading this book!”……unending list. Imagine your calendar with all 365 days encircled with colourful bubbles!! Wouldn’t that look gorgeous? A beautiful wall piece to remind you how well you have utilized each day of the year, and you indeed have been working all the year round because you loved to step out of your house just to be kissed by the Sun!

I think, instead of grinning at my course structure, I should be sincerely be thankful to the term paper idea for reminding me how hard I tried the last semester and how seriously I have to dive headlong into my paper topic now.