Gold, and it’s all silver-framed

What do you compare meeting really old friends from school unexpectedly, with?

I felt weightless today. A lot like a paper on which they’d written their initials with today’s date. I’m going to to keep it forever. I have recorded in it the high pitches of our laughter, giggles while going down our memory lane.

With A and H, with H‘s sister especially, I felt as if I was a child again. Like a child who is out in the Spring’s green – running across the meadows, feeling the air hit her face and feet be enamored by lusciousness of grass. A grew taller, more handsome, and from what I learnt, an extremely responsible man. The school-boy out in the punishment has grown up as a tender human being. As for H, she was never so amiable!! She couldn’t help but chuckle at every single signpost in our memory lane. It is insincere to think that way, but I could not believe that she was planning to go further into Plasma Physics. I mean, I was talking to another kid of my size, only better in Physics.

It was like getting a new UNRULED notebook to write in. The coarseness feels so smooth when ink glides over it. I felt unshackled from the chains of times, fly far away from its junction, from the necessity of letting go. Honestly, I don’t think I ever felt this liberated before. Minutes passed in seconds, and an hour just vanished. It was consumed in being with them in person – not in long strings of messages that lacked coherence.


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